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Twitch is the world’s leading social video platform and community for gamers. Each month, more than 100 million community members gather to watch and talk about video games is the global leader in skill-based, cash prize online competitions for console, PC, browser-based and mobile games.

Hi-Rez Studios' latest releases include SMITE, Paladins, Hand of the Gods, Tribes Ascend, and Jetpack Fighter.







DreamHack is the world’s largest video game festival. DreamHack’s core and origin is the LAN party, with the two major festivals in Sweden — DreamHack Summer in June and DreamHack Winter in November. DreamHack also arranges festivals, events and competitions in several locations in Europe and North America. The events are a platform for esports, knowledge and creative competitions, music acts, lectures by game developers, internet & game culture, cosplay, the fair, gaming exhibition and much, much more.