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How to Find New Teammates

by admin
Feb 19, 2017 05:30pm
How to Find New Teammates


Everyone is scrambling to finalize and fill their rosters as sign ups end. There are several systems in place to help you find new teammates or a team.


Use all the options:

  • Free Agents: List yourself or message other players. These posts are most relevant as they expire after 2 weeks. 
  • Team Directory: See a listing of teams and the number of players on their rosters.
  • Members Directory: See a list of all players and filter by Game, State, and School
  • Discord: Join the AVGL Discord and post publicly or message others privately


There is $40,000 up for grabs and you do not want to miss out! If you cannot find a team to join, then make one and invite 4 free agents. There are currently over 300 Free Agents listed.

Be sure to remove your Free Agent post once you have found a team.

Click Here to view tutorials regarding building teams and joining the leagues.



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