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Select Your April Anarchy Smite Picks

by Anthony “Srixis” Tamberrino
Mar 31, 2017 11:51am
Select Your April Anarchy Smite Picks


70 teams have battled through 8 rounds to determine the best collegiate Smite players in NA. Starting April 1st, the top 16 teams will face off for $10,000 and 70,000 Gems!

Fans can get involved by picking who they think will take the top spots. Whoever picks correctly can win 3,500 Smite Gems! Click Here to fill out the form with your picks and tune in to on each of the match days to receive your award.

The championship has 3 stages. The first stage begins on April 1st with round-robin play within conferences. The seeding will determine each teams' place in the Gauntlet on April 2nd and April 8th. 4 teams will emerge from the Gauntlet stage and face off on April 9th. Finally, the top 2 teams will play for $10,000 on LAN at Hi-Rez Studios Esports Arena on April 23rd! Follow to watch the championship.

To summarize, Round-robin > Gauntlet > Semis > LAN Final.

Tweet a screenshot of your picks and use #AprilAnarchy to double your prize!


Anthony "Srixis" Tamberrino has broken down each conference to help with your predictions:


AVGL - Smite Spring Championship Stage Week One:


The Division Round Robin matches are done, and the cut to the top 16 is in effect! The top two teams from each of our eight divisions are condensing into four players into each of four conferences for this upcoming weekend, April 1st and 2nd. In these conference pools, teams will play each other once to determine seeding for the Conference Gauntlets. Once seeding is confirmed, teams will play each other in Best of Threes in a “Gauntlet”-style elimination bracket, and two teams from each conference will be eliminated by the end of the 2nd. A final eight-man elimination bracket is set up with the remaining teams, which will be played out on the following weekend.

Last Week Recap

Streamed Games

DeSales University (2-3) vs. DePaul University (5-2)

Final Score: 2-0 to DePaul University.

The first kill of the set went to TheParadoxxx (DPU, Medusa) at a minute and a half into the first game beating Skeeledon (DPU, Susano) by four seconds (and again by fourteen seconds) on a kill. At three minutes into the game, TheParadoxxx had seven kills, and Skeeledon had three. This rest of the game continued similarly. Every member on DeSales had four or more deaths by six and a half minutes into the game, an DePaul had acquired a 13k gold lead by eight minutes. At 11 minutes, DExpertGamer (DSU, Guan Yu) got the first kill for DeSales, solidifying the kill differential at a solid 40. The game ended at 14:06 in favor of DePaul with a kill differential of 54 to 1. Skeeledon and TheParadoxxx both ran train this game, with respective 18/0/12 and 19/1/9 slashlines and a combined damage stat of nearly 40k.

First Blood came out for TheParadoxxx (Ullr) in under a minute in game 2, and the carnage began once again. At 7 minutes, DePaul already had a Gold Fury, three towers, 22 kills, and an 11k gold lead under their belts. TheParadoxxx found a fragmented Penta at 11 minutes in a one versus many scenario, and the Titan fell just three minutes later again for a sub-30 minute set from DePaul University. They ended this game with a 63-3 kill count, with TheParadoxxx having a 26/1/6 slashline and Skeeledon (Mercury) having a 23/0/12 score.

Calvin College (5-1) vs. Southwestern College (5-1)

Final Score: 2-0 to Southwestern College.


Calvin College maintained a slight gold lead in the early minutes of the first game of the set. The pace of the game remained relatively slow overall for for the first fifteen minutes, which was when Calvin started to increase their gold lead. Very slowly, Southwestern started to creep back into the game, wiping Calvin and taking down a phoenix after their Gold Fury was stolen. This put Southwestern back into an advantageous position with regards to map control, and they closed out the game shortly afterwards. LiquidViper (SC, Cupid) put up extremely strong numbers that game, with a 10/0/7 slashline, 23k player damage, strong ultimate placements, and a Triple to his name.


The second game of the set started off relatively slow, as well. However, Southwestern botched a few important fights in the midgame and early lategame that gave map and objective control to Calvin. Calvin took the first Fire Giant of the game 29 minutes into the game and found themselves up 6k gold at the 30 minute mark. While Calvin knocked down towers and phoenixes with ease, Southwestern failed their attempt to base race and secure the solo lane phoenix. With three phoenixes down, Calvin was in a prime spot to win the game, and they decided to go for one last (slightly greedy) Fire Giant to make ending easier for them. However, Kesimekid (SC, Fenrir) risked the steal and secured the Fire Giant for his team with an Unchained from behind the wall. The rest of Southwestern then engaged onto the Calvin and cleaned up everyone bar the frontliners, and then they just waltzed into Calvin’s Titan room and finished the game. xXEmpyreanXx (CC, Apollo), ThouBeSmitten (CC, Odin), and Illy (CC, Sobek) all played extremely well in the second game, but in the end they fell just short of closing the game out properly.

Smite Spring Championship - The Gauntlet


The top 16 teams are playing this Saturday and Sunday, which means approximately 80 players will be playing at least four games within their conferences to try to make it into the next weekend of the Smite Season Championship. We’ll be giving a brief overview of the teams (and some of the players) playing this weekend here!

Ragnarok Conference

Norse Division: Ohio State University (1), Southwestern College (2)

Egyptian Division: Stony Brook University (1), Bowling Green State University (2)


This first conference starts off strong with some impressive names. In the Norse Division, Ohio State seems to be the Sheyka (Mid) show for the most part, with GhostNinja420 (Jungle) as his main partner in crime. Against second seed Southwestern, Shekya managed to get 37 kills across both games with midlane Ullr and Bellona picks, while GhostNinja420 trailed behind him by a little with 24. These two players are going to be integral in Ohio State’s potential success for the next multiple weeks, and it is fairly likely that we will see their success continue for a fair bit longer.


Southwestern looked rough against Ohio State, but they have had some other solid sets. On stream this past weekend, we saw them make a huge comeback against Calvin College in the second game of the set after losing all of their phoenixes, so we know that they are no stranger to getting out of tight scenarios. LiquidViper (Mid) has looked very consistent on his team, consistently topping kill participation and kill count charts for his team. In addition, both junglers that have played for this squad, Kesimekid (Jungle) and BarryPonds (Jungle) look solid, and either one that plays main roster this weekend will work well with the team. They are not the strongest team inherently, but they definitely have resolve and will not give up until they are done.


Stony Brook University is made up of a number of current and former members of the Challenger Circuit team Commitment Committee in Mortbklyn (Support), Mandowarrior (Hunter), and sam4soccer2 (Jungle). This team looked dominant in their division, winning many of their games in under 20 minutes of gameplay. The team has somewhat of a rotating roster in terms of who has played week to week, but no matter who plays on the team at any given time, the team has seen huge success in their games. They are likely to join Ohio State as one of the top two teams in this conference given their overall semi-professional experience and their team synergy.


Aside from their loss to Stony Brook, Bowling Green only dropped one other game in their division to the third seed in the Egyptian Division, Lawrence Technological University. They can be sometimes inconsistent in their play, which may in part be attributed to the role changes in between both games and sets of some of the members of this team. Kingmed (Hunter) is one of the top players on this team, generally leading his team in stats and even flexing to the Jungle role a few times during the season. The setup coming out of Vesnar (Support) and Doorofwood (Solo) has also been impressive when games for these teams have been seen. Hopefully this team will be able to settle into consistent roles to give them a bit of an easier time this weekend.

Gaelic Conference

Celtic Division: Salisbury University (1), DePaul University (2)

Mayan Division: Saint Joseph’s University (1), UMass Dartmouth (2)


Salisbury has one of the more impressive rosters in the entire league. Co-led by Killateral (Support) and F8TAL (Hunter), this team seems to be one of the more dominant teams this AVGL season. What may be even more impressive is how dominant they appear to be without even trying terribly hard. In different games in their division, they have run Ares Hunter, Bakasura Solo on DeanCol (Solo), and Ah Puch Support, and they won every single one of those matches with what appears to be little struggle. They also did well in the games in which they played more normal compositions, so they should be perfectly fine going into this weekend. This team is especially looking to make it back to the AVGL LAN, as they made the Finals last season but were fell for second place overall.


DePaul is largely Skeeledon (Jungle) and the TheParadoxxx (Hunter) running the show. DePaul was unable to play their set against Millersville University of Pennsylvania, but their 2-1 set win against Concordia allowed them to snag the second seed in this division with a 6-2 overall record. In the games that they lost against Salisbury, Skeeledon and Paradoxxx still looked very solid, and they will definitely be the players to watch going into this weekend. DePaul may end up being one of the stronger second seeds coming out of a division, but they will need to make sure they can rally around their two carries to have a good chance of making the second week of the Championship bracket.


We haven’t seen a lot out of Saint Joseph’s this season, but what we have seen has looked very solid from them. They ran train on SUNYS Buffalo on stream, and their set against second seed UMass Dartmouth seemed to be heavily in their favor as well. A few players seem to have transitioned mid-season to different roles to compensate for the introduction of Glickman (Hunter) to the team a few weeks into the season, namely ZetaSphere (Mid) from the Hunter role and Muffin (Jungle) from the Midlane. Mojocat (Support) and XterminatR (Solo) have remained backbones to this roster through the transition, ready to lead this team through the championship.


UMass Dartmouth is a consistent team across the board. Everyone seems to contribute, and there don’t appear to be too much of a standout player based on solely statistics. This consistency seems to trail to their god pools as well, as the team seems to simply thrive off of meta picks. SamJ0 (Hunter) seems to really enjoy and perform well on his Rama, so we may see more of that this weekend. Everyone else hasn’t played the same god more than twice this season - Taranis (Support) played a different god almost every game. This flexibility in draft for them will be really nice going into this weekend as they square off against two teams they haven’t faced yet as well as their division-mates in Saint Joseph’s.

Yomi Conference

Japanese Division: George Mason University (1), Penn State University (2)

Hindu Division: Tarrant County College (1), Georgia Tech Yellow (2)


George Mason is a team we’ve seen on stream once or twice, and they have proved their worth. In their games against second seed Penn State, zdru (Solo) and cmHavok (Hunter) seemed to be some of the more consistent players skill-wise, helping their team close out the first and third games of the set to take the match with good zone control and damage. cmHavok seems to be another hunter player who will not pass up the chance to play Rama, which has shown in nearly every set he’s played this season. Despite being one of the few first seeds to drop a game to the second seed in their division, George Mason looks solid and has potential to take some names in the championship rounds.


Penn State, likewise, is one of the few second seeds to take a game off the first seed in their division, and they had a fair chance of taking the set if a few more fights went their way. This team has made a few role swaps since the start of the season, but the team synergy is still there. In what we’ve seen of them, wigglesdabae (Support), Totable (Mid), and Minais (Jungle) seem to be some of the players to watch from this squad. With their near-win over George Mason a few weeks ago, Penn State could easily be one of the second seeds that could make the second week of the championships.


There are stacked teams, and then there’s Tarrant County College. This team has two players who have won the AVGL Finals twice in Osath (Solo) and DayToRemeber (Hunter) as well as three other monster players in Dingodile (Support), Card1ac (Mid), and puccm (Jungle). This team might have been even more stacked had fineokay not moved up to the SPL. These are many people’s favorites to win the season, and with this roster and their prowess this season, there is absolutely no reason to doubt that they could.


Georgia Tech Yellow held their own for a little against Tarrant County, which was impressive in itself. However, they have very little other data to discuss, so they are coming into this weekend as somewhat of a wild card. In their match against Tarrant county, Lumeside (Jungle) seemed to perform well, and MongolHunter (Solo) was probably the second best player on the team in those two games. Given that we have very little data for this team, we’ll just have to watch and see if they can give the viewers a show in this bracket.

Olympus Conference

Greek Division: University of Tennessee Orange (1), UC Riverside (2)

Roman Division: University of California - Santa Cruz (1), Regis University (2)


UT Orange had a very solid set on stream against UC Riverside for the division title. Rama (Hunter) was a sleeper player for some of the set, and then he started to pop off as the set continued. Earth (Jungle) also performed very well in that set and in others played by UT Orange. This team may not be the best first seed in the bracket, but they have heart, and their ability to play as well as they did against UC Riverside shows that they shouldn’t necessarily be counted out of the running.


Losing ManRay due to him subbing in the SPL hurt UC Riverside a bit, but they still performed well throughout the regular season. They forced a 3-minute surrender out of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University for an unknown reason, taking the full set very cleanly in under 25 total minutes of gameplay. They showed some hope against UT Orange, but they were unable to pull through in the end. Recent acquisition ObvTheWorst (Jungle) and mainstay Laedo (Hunter) are two of the players to watch this weekend as UC Riverside tries to work their way into the top eight bracket.


In their first game of the season, UCSC shut out Western Oregon, the eventual fourth seed in the Roman division. Against the second through fourth seeds in their division overall, UCSC gave up a total of 22 deaths in 6 games. As dominant as this team was, however, it is unsure how much of that was due to their opponents’ prowess and how much of it was their own skill. Standout players Omarcio64 (Jungle), Cive3 (Solo), and Leras (Mid) will be put to the test this weekend to see how well they will perform outside of their division. If their matches go anything like their prior ones, they should find themselves in the second week without a problem.


Regis University also had very few data points to go off of, but they look alright. DirtyDonz (Jungle) seems to be one of the team’s most prominent players, with nuggetsfan (Solo) close behind him, together combining for 5 of the team’s 7 kills onto UCSC. This team might be one of the less impressive second seeds coming into the championship bracket based on their performance against UCSC and lack of overall information on them, but they are still going to give it their all and see if they can take out one of the other teams in their Gauntlet.




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