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AVGL SMITE Player Spotlight: Killateral

by Gabriel
Oct 3, 2017 06:21pm
AVGL SMITE Player Spotlight: Killateral

The AVGL SMITE Fall 2017 Collegiate Championship is well underway and already has its fair share of great performers. To promote interaction within our community of players, we have started a series we call “Player Profiles.” Each week, we will spotlight a number of players from one of our on-going events in hopes that you, the reader, will be able to better identify with them and see that they are just students like you!


First on the stage we have senior Robert “Killateral” Moran representing the College of Staten Island in New York! A Computer Science major, Moran is the leader of his SMITE team who are currently holding a 2-0 record in the Norse Division.


Tell us more about how you got into SMITE:

One of my old gaming buddies had some spare beta codes for SMITE and I had just recently gotten a gaming computer and was looking for some games to test it out. I made my account in December 2012 and loved it from game one.

How did you become involved in the college scene?

Going to LAN was something I always wanted to do for SMITE. When I saw that the AVGL was offering a trip to LAN for the top 2 teams, I figured I’d put all the hours I spent grinding SMITE to good use and so I got 2nd place in my first AVGL year.

How did you meet your teammates?

I’ve known F8TAL for several years ever since I started playing Challenger Cup and we’ve been good friends ever since. Bomber and Mort took us down in the semi-finals last split but joined our team this split. I’m sure we’ll play a lot together in the future.

How does it feel to be going 2-0 in your division?

Winning always feels good but our main goal is making it to LAN and the teams that should be in the semi finals are made up of really good players so we have a lot of practice ahead of us.

What advice do you have for any readers hoping to make it as far as you in esports?

Just keep persisting and if you have the talent you’ll get noticed. The two things that helped me get into Challenger Cup were: 1) CycloneSpin inviting me to play arena/casual tournaments with him which is where I first gained my support role and 2) The COG Combine helping me find the COG Crusaders team with Xenotronics, TooManyApples, Spectre and FirewingKK which helped me get into the competitive scene.


What about your future in esports? Do you have plans to continue to try and play more professionally or will you focus on a career after college?

Playing in the SPL would of course be awesome and I’ll keep trying until I become washed up but as far as my future (in esports and IRL) I’m still trying to find my true calling.


How has your experience in AVGL been? Are you glad there are chances for college students to earn money as amateurs?

AVGL has been awesome. Going to LAN and meeting my teammates was an awesome experience (which I hope to experience again) and having some spare money really helps with college tuition.


We’d like to thank Moran for his time and wish his team the best of luck in the tournament. Keep an eye out for another SMITE spotlight soon and GLHF to everyone!


Written by @H3nleYCSGO



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