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League of Legends Player Spotlight: Elvis

by Gabriel
Nov 14, 2017 11:43am
League of Legends Player Spotlight: Elvis


We have University of Houston’s Elvis “Élvis” Le! His team is one of the top two teams in our Online League who get to travel to DreamHack Denver to compete in an on-stage tournament.


How did you and your teammates meet? When did you realize your team was really good? (Good enough to beat out scholarship teams)

The Esports Club at the University of Houston hosts League tryouts every year so there are always new people to play with. Atif is the only returning member of the team last year so we essentially started from scratch this semester. Luckily, we had some talented people tryout this semester and we formed a pretty decent team. We pretty much only realized the team had potential when we made it to the Grand Finals at Denver.


How was the tournament leading up to DreamHack? Any particular games that stood out?

The tournament ran pretty smoothly. Not many complaints although the consecutive best of 3s on championship day became pretty grueling towards the end. Not many games come to mind albeit the Semifinal game between Miami University where we dropped a game definitely stands out. The games where we had to play Challenger players also stand out because those games were stressful themselves.


What was your win-loss record in the tournament? Any very close games?

We only dropped 1 game and that was in the semifinal against Miami University so it was either 14-1 or 15-1. There were definitely plenty of close games where we had to come back from gold deficits through teamfighting and out-macroing our opponents.


What is it like traveling to Denver for League of Legends? Is this something you ever imagined you’d be doing?

It is definitely one of the cooler/weirder things I will ever do. Never in my life would I have envisioned myself going to Denver for a League of Legends tournament.


What do you look forward to at Dreamhack Denver?
I look forward to winning the championship as well as having a good time at Dreamhack and exploring Denver. Columbia College is no joke though so we will have to work hard if we plan on winning.

How do you balance college life and esports?

School and friends during the day and League of Legends at night.


Any advice for up-and-coming college esports athletes?

Definitely try to find an esports club at your school and get involved that way. Most teams don’t make it to the big stages of these League of Legends tournaments so making some new friends is something worthwhile for the time you put in.


Will you continue to compete in esports after college? Do you think AVGL is a good way for amateur players to make a name for themselves?

Most likely not. I plan on becoming a dentist, but I wish the best of luck to those who do pursue a career in esports after college. I do think AVGL is good for amateur players, most definitely. Any exposure is good exposure because a player’s got to start somewhere.



We’d like to thank Elvis for his time and wish his team the best of luck in the tournament. Keep an eye out for future player spotlights in the coming days and GLHF to everyone!


Written by @H3nleYCSGO

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