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League of Legends

Collegiate League of Legends Championship League Rules

League Rules


This league features online group stages leading up to a championship bracket with the Grand Final at DreamHack Denver in October to play on the Main Stage!

  • We have tutorials to help participants with each step: Click Here for tutorials.
  • Join our League of Legends Discord for the fastest reply to your questions and for league updates.
    • Rules or scheduling changes will be posted here and in the AVGL Discord
  • The overall AVGL ruleset covers eligibility, sportsmanship, and other key aspects of the competition. Read them HERE.
  • You can purchase DreamHack Denver tickets HERE.

Each player is responsible to know the following rules:


  • Registration closes September 17th, 11:59pm EST
  • How to Register:
    • Register yourself on
      • Your AVGL Username must match your Summoner name
        • Alternatively, a player may add their League of Legends IGN to their Game Accounts in their profile settings.
      • Your Summoner name cannot change during the season
    • Once you have logged in, you will see a Create Team button on the top of the page or contact the captain of a team for an invitation
      • If you are the admin of the team, an Invite Player button will be available on player pages
    • Once you have a minimum of 5 players, the admin will see a Register button on the event page
  • Finding Teammates
  • Requirements:
    • Teams are allowed a maximum of 7 players.
    • Players can only team with players who attend the same college or university
    • Multiple teams allowed per school
    • Rosters lock after the 3rd match day of the regular season
    • Team names must have the school name as the team name
      • Captains who did not follow this rule and already registered a team must contact an admin on Discord to have a team name change
      • If there are multiple teams from the same school, then the team can add a color such as “University of Connecticut Red”


The top 2 teams play the Grand Final on the Main Stage of DreamHack Denver and receive:

  • $1,500 travel stipend per team for flights/travel
  • 2 hotel rooms from October 19th - October 23rd
  • Prizing for the top 2 teams will be gaming accessories
  • 3 Day BYOC passes for DreamHack Denver
    • Coaches and managers also receive 3 day passes

Prizing is awarded to the 5 starting players on a team as designated by the captain.



  • Terms:
    • Game: An instance of competition on the Summoner’s Rift map that is played until a winner is determined by one of the following methods, whichever occurs first:
      • Destruction of a Nexus
      • Team Surrender
      • Team Forfeit
      • Awarded Game Victory
        • Detailed in “Match Completion” section below
    • Match: A set of games that is played until one team wins a majority of the total games (e.g., winning two games out of three (“best of three”); winning three games out of five (“best of five”)).
  • Each Match is a best of 2 games
    • A match can end in a 2-0 win for a team or in a 1-1 tie
  • Matches are played on the North America live server on the current live patch
  • Match information will be found on each individual Match Page accessible to team Captains
    • The Match Page will contain lobby and lobby password information
    • Start times will be shown on the Match Page and will be adjustable in accordance with the flexible scheduling rules
    • A Chat Log is available on each Match Page for direct communication between team Captains
  • Lobby Settings:
    • Map: Summoner’s Rift
    • Team Size: 5
    • Allow Spectators: Lobby Only
    • Game Type: Tournament Draft
  • Choice of side will be stated in the Chat Log on the Match Page prior to the start of the match
    • The Home team will pick side for the first game and host the game
    • The Away team will pick side for the second game and host the game
  • A game will start immediately after the pick/ban process is complete, unless otherwise stated by an AVGL official. Players are not allowed to quit a game during the time between the completion of picks/bans and game launch


  • Teams are split into groups (Divisions)
    • Divisions based on region where possible
    • Some Divisions may have 6 or 7 teams, dependent on total number of teams in the league
    • Number of Divisions are based on total teams after entry has closed
  • Round-robin format in each group
    • Each team will play each other one time
      • Groups with more than 6 teams may not face all the teams in their Division
    • Matches are Best of 2 games during Division stages
  • After the Group Stage is complete, the top 2 teams from each group will be invited to the championship stages
    • The top teams in each group are determined by:
      1. Overall game score
      2. In the case of a 2 way tie, then the team with the better head-to-head record will advance
      3. In the case of 2 way tie where the teams finished 1-1, then a best of 1 match will be played as a tie breaker
      4. In the case of a 3 way or greater tie, then a round-robin with best of 1 matches
  • The Championship will take place on a single day with a single elimination bracket
    • Seeding:
      • Teams that finished at #1 in their Division receive a random seed
      • Teams that finish #2 in their Division will be placed on the opposite side of the bracket as the #1 finisher in their Division
    • Matches are Best of 3 games during the Championship
    • Matches will be played until the Grand Final
    • The final 2 teams will play the Grand Final at DreamHack Denver on the Main Stage


  • There are 4 match days, with 5-6 total matches played per team
    • Regular Season Match Dates:
      • Thursday, September 21st at 8:00PM EST
      • 2 matches on Saturday, September 23rd at 3:00PM EST and 5:00PM EST 
        • Groups of 6 will only play 1 match at 3:00 PM EST on this day due to smaller group size
      • 2 matches on Sunday, September 24th at 3:00PM EST and 5:00PM EST 
      • Tuesday, September 26th at 8:00 PM EST
      • Thursday, September 28th at 8:00PM EST
  • Flexible scheduling is allowed to accommodate scheduling issues that will arise
    • Tuesday matches can begin up to 72 hours after the standard start time
    • Thursday matches can begin up to 24 hours after the standard start time
    • Saturday matches can begin up to 96 hours after the standard start time
    • Sunday matches can begin up to 72 hours after the standard start time
  • Teams should always plan to play at the default start time and only use flexible scheduling as a last option
  • Flexible scheduling start times are determined between the captains of both teams and discussed on the AVGL Match Page
    • Both captains must agree to an alternate start time
      • To adjust start time, the captain must change the time on the match page and leave a comment for the desired time
    • All rescheduling agreements must be confirmed 12 hours prior to the default start time
      • If an alternate start time cannot be agreed upon, then the match must start at the default start time
        • It is not considered unsportsmanlike to refuse a time change and captains are not required to provide a reason for refusing a time change
  • A team must have 5 players in the lobby within 15 minutes of the start time or they forfeit the match
    • Teams are allowed a maximum break of 10 minutes between games or they forfeit the match
  • If a team has multiple members on Fall break and will be unable to field a full roster, they will be allowed extra flexible scheduling time as needed to complete the match, provided that they notify the opposing team in the match chat. 
  • If any team fails to mention roster disruptions due to a break in the match chat, and does not show up to the scheduled match time, they will be given a forfeit loss with no option to reschedule.
  • If a school has finals during the season, they must notify admins via Discord at the start of the regular season


  • 32 team bracket online played up until the Grand Final
    • Best of 3 games per match
    • Single elimination
    • 4 rounds of play
  • First 2 rounds with Saturday flexibility
    • Teams will have the option to play anytime on Saturday for their first 2 round matches
    • This schedule will work similar to the group stage matches with teams communicating via the Match Page Chat Log to coordinate a convenient time
    • Once the round 1 match is done for a team, the round 2 match will be posted for that team as soon as the matchup is known
    • Round 2 matches can also be played Saturday
    • If teams are unable to coordinate times for these matches, then the matches will take place at default times on Sunday
    • No round 3 or Semi-Final matches can take place on Saturday
  • Sunday, October 1st, Default Schedule
    • 12PM EST: Round of 32 (Can be played Saturday)
    • 2:30PM EST: Round of 16 (Can be played Saturday)
    • 5PM EST: Round of 8
    • 7:30PM EST: Semi-Final
  • Grand Final
    • October 21st
      • At DreamHack Denver on the Main Stage


  • At the completion of the match, the winning team will report the score and upload post-game lobby screenshots
    • The "upload button" will appear after the score is submitted
    • In the case of a 1-1 tie, the Home team will submit the score and upload the screenshots
  • Matches must be finished until victory or a surrender ending; you cannot leave a game based on a disputable claim. Finish the game and issue the dispute afterwards.
    • ​Take end game screenshots and keep the match replay in case of a dispute and required proof
    • If a player is dropped or disconnects, they should reconnect as fast as possible and continue play
    • In the event of a tournament server crash, game-breaking bug, or malfunction, any affected games will be remade from the start. However, a team will be awarded a win instead of a restart if the following criteria is met:
      • The winning team has more than 133% of the losing team’s gold
      • The difference in remaining turrets between the teams is seven (7) or more
      • The difference in the number of standing inhibitors between the teams is more than two (2)
  • Anytime a match is remade, the same Champions must be chosen
  • A match that is forfeited before any games are completed results in a 0-2 score.
    • This includes no-shows
      • Any team that accumulates 2 total no-shows will be considered inactive and will be disqualified from the league. All future/pending matches for teams disqualified in this way will be entered as forfeit wins for their opponents.
    • A match that has at least one game played and then is forfeited will take into account the played game(s)
      • For instance, if a team is leading 1-0 and must forfeit the match, then the resulting score is 1-1


  • Teams or players may pause the game for any reason. After a pause, the pausing team must use /all to share the reason for the pause and the estimated time to unpause. When a team is ready to unpause, at least one player from both teams must declare their readiness in /all chat (e.g. “ready” or “r”) before the pausing team is allowed to unpause the game.
  • Each team is allowed a maximum of three (3) pauses per Game. Each pause is allotted three (3) minutes. Without unpausing the game, the timer for the next pause will begin.
    • For example, one (1) pause that lasts for five (5) minutes counts as two (2) total pauses and the team will have one (1) remaining pause


  • Champions who have not been available on the live service for more than 3 days before the default match start time will be automatically prohibited from use. Champions that have undergone reworks will be subject to AVGL admin discretion, with updates posted in the AVGL Discord.
    • If a banned Champion is chosen, the Draft must be immediately stopped and restarted
      • All previous Draft picks will remain the same
      • If the same team again picks a banned Champion in the same game Draft after the restart, then that team forfeits that game


  • Only coaches are allowed to be spectators in the match
    • Anyone can watch replays
  • Players can broadcast their match
    • If a player decides to broadcast their match, then they accept all responsibility for stream related issues or other players viewing the stream
      • The AVGL will not enforce any reports of stream sniping
    • If you are streaming your match, then let us know by Tweeting @AVGL_LoL and we will Retweet your broadcast link
  • The AVGL reserves the right to stream any AVGL matches
  • The AVGL production team will notify team captains if the match is being streamed
    • The captains must wait for all AVGL production members to be in the match lobby before the match begins
  • You can watch the action live on


  • Coaches/Team Managers are allowed
    • Coaches/Team Managers can be the admin on the team and manage the team schedule
    • Coaches/Team Managers can never play in a match
  • Any evidence of multi-accounting or smurfing will be punishable by a loss of ban(s) for the offending team and/or a suspension of the offending player(s) for a period of time to be determined by AVGL administration.
    • If the suspended players are caught playing in a sanctioned AVGL match during their suspension period, the entire team will be banned from competing in the remainder of the season, up to and including a lifetime ban.


The American Video Game League reserves the right to alter rules at any time in an effort for fair play.